The rulebook is designed to provide the necessary information to assist professional riders in the preparation for Hydroflight competitions by BOTR.

All Scoring will be provided by Hydro-score. Hydro·score is a system used by hydroflight event judges for scoring input, tabulation and display. Hydro·score has been specifically designed and built for hydrosport competitions. The main features are real time, instant score input and display for complete transparency and audience engagement. Transparency of scoring effectively balances the scale of fairness and shows riders and audiences alike the decisions and calculation made to reach a final score. New for BOTR will be a live display of scoring during each run overlaid on the live video feed. 

Ben merrell

Ben merrell

Pre-Event Guide

1.1 Registration 

1.2 Entry & Pre-Selection

1.3 Video Pre-Selection Rules.

Damone rippy

Damone rippy

Competition Guide

2.0 Equipment & Devices

2.1 Live Zone

2.2 Overturned Watercraft Rule

2.3 Out of Bounds Rule

2.4 General Format

2.5 Combination & Height Level Execution

scotty knemeyer

scotty knemeyer

Competitive Format

3.0 Qualifying Round

3.1 One Thirties 

3.2 Best of Three